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Eco Services

Enjoy eco friendly services - gardening, plantation, off-set carbon footprint, zero waste management and more

I Love My Mother Earth​ Trilogy

3 story + activity books that help your little one discover the importance of caring for our environment through clever tales that make the concepts of land, water and air pollution easy-to-understand!

Carbon Credits: Clean Water in Cambodia

The absence of treated water and inadequate sanitation contribute to a significant health burden, resulting in an estimated 10 million cases of diarrhea and 10,000 deaths annually, primarily affecting children in rural areas in Cambodia. Hydrologic, a social enterprise, has made substantial progress by providing ceramic water purifiers to nearly two million Cambodians. These filters enable families to access safe drinking water, eliminating the need for water boiling, which in turn reduces indoor air pollution from wood burning, lowers household fuel expenses, saves time for women and children, and safeguards Cambodia's vulnerable forests.

Carbon Credits: Cookstoves in Guinea

In Guinea, where firewood and charcoal meet almost all household energy needs, deforestation is rapidly progressing at 6,800,000 m3/year. To address this and improve living conditions, a project distributes customized cookstoves to local communities. These efficient cookstoves save time, money, and forests by reducing wood consumption and harmful emissions. They are designed based on feedback from the communities, ensuring compatibility with local materials and promoting complete combustion with minimal smoke. The project aims to mitigate deforestation drivers, combat climate change, and prevent health issues, particularly among women responsible for cooking.

Carbon Credits: Solar Power in Rajasthan

The project utilizes renewable solar energy to produce electricity. The electricity generated is then supplied to the regional grid system, which falls under the supervision of India's electricity grid

Carbon Credits: Wind Power Project in Karnataka

OMW Private Limited is behind a wind power initiative in Karnataka, India, with a capacity of 60 MW. Comprising 30 wind turbine generators, each producing 2 MW, the project harnesses wind energy to generate clean electricity.

Buy to Impact - clean energy in Africa

Clean cooking equipment in rural countries which does not have access to clean energy.

Buy to Impact- distribute clean energy in Africa

Provides women with economic opportunity and distribute clean energy

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