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The Cupping Box - Self-Guided / Workshop

The Cupping Box is a home kit with all you need to experience coffee tasting and the nuances between coffee. Choose between a self-guided experience or a private workshop conducted by us!

Bible Journaling Starter Kit + Online Workshop

Mori is a variant name of Moriel that means, “God is my teacher” in Hebrew. The journey of mori started with Mitzi from The Philippines who quit her corporate job and spent 3 years each day reading a chapter of the Bible and journaling them down on notebook. Later on, Rachel and Louisa from Singapore joined her on this journey, each with their own journaling experiences. Come listen to the bible journaling journeys of Mitzi, Rachel and Louisa, how i) journaling can be conversing with God like in Psalms that David wrote in the Bible and charting of your personal walk with Him, ii) an avenue to meditate on bible verses through simple and fun ways like doodling, iii) used for prophetic art through the leading of Holy Spirit for edification, iv) simple and fun ways (examples from our own journals!) for your day-to-day Christian Practicalities: log down prayer requests, gratitude list, fast log, sermon reflections or even ministry tracke
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Everyday Meditation

Experience meditation, de-mystified and made accessible for everyday practice. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this workshop gives you that good, critical first step on your meditation journey.

Everyday Qi Gong

The ability to harness Qi (universal life-energy) is not magic or a special power reserved for a select few. Qi is the legacy of all human beings and can be picked up by anyone for lifelong use. Now you, too, can know Qi in this practical, introductory workshop.

Online Seminar

These is a online educational series conducted online to educate topics relating to sustainability, plastic pollution and marine conservation. Our educational series utilizes fun comic illustrations that are easy to understand and include interactive activities
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Employee Engagement Activity: Relax, Re-focus, Re-energise

Relax, Re-focus, Re-energise for World Mental Health Day
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Employee Engagement Activity - Virtual Sensory Art Exploration Session

Virtual Sensory Art Exploration Session for World Mental Health Day
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Goal Setting Workshop

Ever felt disconnected from the goals you set? They seem good on paper, and to share with the world, but some part of you does not resonate with them. Activating your dream life is all about setting life goals for yourself in alignment with who you are, what’s important for you and what makes you come alive!

Money Conscious Workshop

It is never about how much money you make – it is about how you manage the money you make, that decides your financial future!

Own Your Power Workshop

This is a great workshop for teams of size 10 to 25 people per batch, to help them discover their true power. Facilitated by internationally trained instructors who have delivered multiple public workshops across 3 countries.

Bee farm experience

This bee farm experience gives insight into a beekeeper's daily life and gives you more knowledge about bees.
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B5-sized Eco Friendly Notebook with Post-it Pads and Pen

With ballpoint pen & post-it note flags and notepad (20 per color). Logo printing on cover available for 50 pcs and above

Pocketbooks (set of 3)

Fun pocketbooks with an abstract art cover made from natural inks - Turmeric & Indigo OR Madder Root & Indigo
$21.00 $24.00

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