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Classic Raya Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Hari Raya? Look no further than the Classic Raya Gift Set from Twinings! This set comes with our classic Earl Grey tea, delicious honey dates, honey dates and more. Whether you're celebrating at home or sending your love from afar, this gift set is sure to make this holiday even more special.


Hari Raya Delights Hamper Set

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your Hari Raya celebrations? The Hari Raya Delights Hamper Set will do just that! Filled up with your favorite teas and treats, light up the candle and relax in style - knowing you've prepared everything you need for a stress-free day. 


Hari Raya Deluxe Basket Set

The Sweetest Greetings Raya Basket Set is a festive way to show your friend and family how much you care! The set includes a colorful, happy 

The Hari Raya Deluxe Basket Set is the perfect way to celebrate Hari Raya, the Islamic holy day of Aidilfitri. This set comes with a variety of tasty snacks and chocolates for you to enjoy during your gathering or Happy hour. Whether you're celebrating at home or out in public, this basket will make your celebration complete.


Hari Raya Joyous Hamper

Introducing the Hari Raya Joyous Hamper, the perfect way to celebrate Hari Raya! This set comes with delicious honey dates, a fruit spread, and butter cookies, all beautifully packaged and ready to enjoy.


Microfibre Leather Laptop Sleeve w/ Baltik Fabric on Flap

Protect your laptop in style! Our Microfibre leather sleeve is ethically made styled with Baltik fabric on the flap which keeps your device safe. Personalize it and choose eco-friendly packaging!


Raya Blessing Hamper Set

Packed in a charming Raya Blessing Hamper, this festive gift will inspire your loved ones to keep working toward their health and well-being. The perfect gift for someone looking to improve their lifestyle this festive season!


Stainless steel travel mug / commuter tumbler- artist-illustrated JOO Chiat Shophouse

Bring your own eco-friendly travel mug to hold your hot or cold drink! It fits perfectly in your car cup holder. We offer a gift bag or box too.

This design features a beautiful Peranakan shophouse from Joo Chiat, decorated with colorful Plumeria flowers. It's a symbol of Singapore's rich Peranakan culture. The artwork tells a story of the neighborhood's past, with a woman in traditional clothes setting off firecrackers, playful animals, and a classic Austin taxi. By buying this product, you support both the artist and keep Singapore's heritage alive.

From $29.90

Sweetest Greetings Raya Basket Set

The Sweetest Greetings Raya Basket Set is a festive way to show your friend and family how much you care! The set includes a colorful, happy hamper filled with snacks and drinks perfect for celebratory moments with friends and family. Let the joyous happiness of Hari Raya fill your home this season!


White Square Lacquer Tray- Chinatown-Breakfast in SG

Art Story:

Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Singaporean kopitiams with our retro-inspired tray. Crafted in pristine white, adorned with motifs of vintage thermos flasks, it's a nod to the cozy cafes of the 60s. BACKDROP: shophouse next to Chinatown Heritage centre

Picture yourself at a marble coffee table, surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Indulge in classic breakfast delights like soft-boiled eggs and toast with sweet coconut jam, alongside steaming cups of coffee or tea.

In Singapore, coffee ordering is an adventure with over 21 ways to customize your brew. Discover why Singapore is Asia's happiest country, all while mastering the art of ordering coffee like a local. Perhaps this simple contentment has contributed to the fact that Singapore was named the happiest country in Asia, and 25th in the world in the recent UN’s World Happiness Report 2023. 

Complete your experience with our exclusive coasters, each featuring insider tips on navigating Singapore's coffee culture. Embrace tradition and embark on a journey through the vibrant flavors of Singaporean kopitiam culture.

From $68.00

White Square Lacquer Tray-Joys of Joo Chiat

Imagine this: I'm a beautiful shophouse in Joo Chiat, Singapore, built between 1889 and 1920. I'm decorated with colorful Plumeria flowers, a symbol of the rich Peranakan culture here. There's even artwork depicting me in my glory! In the picture, a woman in a traditional kebaya lights a firecracker, bringing back memories of lively cultural celebrations. Playful cats, dogs, and birds add to the scene, while a classic Austin 1949 London taxi reminds us of the neighborhood's bustling past.

Together, these details tell a story of blessings and cultural richness, keeping the vibrant heritage of Joo Chiat alive for all who see it.

By buying this product, you support the artists who helped create this piece of history.

From $78.00
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