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Healthy Vibes Recovery Basket

SKU: Healthy Vibes Recovery Basket
Our Healthy Vibes Recovery Basket is designed to help recipients feel better and get back to their best selves. We hope that the immune-boosting vitamins, healthy snacks, and wellness products in this basket will give them the energy and strength they need to recover quickly. We're sending all our love and positive vibes for a speedy recovery. 



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HoneySpree provides gifts for all occasions. At HoneySpree, we believe that quality gifts don't necessarily have to cost a lot. We manufacture more than 50% of the gifts to ensure that we can stand behind the quality of our products through our high standards. Because we work directly with factories, we are able to offer quality products at affordable prices. As a social enterprise, we hire underprivileged Stay-At-Home-Mums (SAHMs) to empower them with financial independence. All gifts curated from HoneySpree are hand-wrapped by our team of Stay-At-Home-Mums.

We are on a mission to empower 100 Stay-At-Home-Mums to achieve financial independence, one gift at a time.


This premium basked includes:

  • UFC 100% Natural Coconut Water 500ml
  • 4x Kinohimitsu Fruity Camellia Bird's Nest Beverage 
  • 4x New Moon Essence of Chicken 
  • 3x Brands Berry Essence 
  • 2x Kangaroo Nut Mix - Assorted
  • 5x Ener-C Vitamin C Sachets
  • Organic Handmade Honey Soaps 100g
  • 2x Hand Sanitiser
  • 3x Multi Floral Mini Honey Jars (halal)
  • 2x Wooden Honey Dipper
  • Bunny Soft Toy - White / Pink
  • Dried Mini Bouquet
  • Customized Greeting Card

Items are presented in a 100% Natural Cotton Rope Bag, to promote sustainability.

HoneySpree reserves the right to substitute an item of the same type, of equal or greater value, and as close to your original item as possible. We will not substitute an item unless the quality and aesthetic meet our extremely high standards. 

This product supports the following UN SDG to create a positive impact and contribute to your ESG commitment:
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This vendor provides opportunities for women to fully and effectively participate and lead at all levels of decision-making

This vendor provides full and productive employment for persons from underrepresented groups

This vendor integrates reduced waste generation

Contribution to local community development:
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item is reinvested to support a stated social mission 

Contribution to gender equality:
Produced by a woman-owned business 

Contribution to inclusion:
Produced by a woman-owned business
Empowering individuals with a history of abuse, trauma, and violence on a community scale

Contribution to diversity:
Produced by an organization with an anti-age-discrimination culture

This vendor advances Net Zero future through internal training on energy and carbon emission reduction

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by internally reusing and re-purposing its waste

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss through water management training actions 

This vendor helps conserve limited natural resources by using eco-friendly materials

This vendor helps prevent biodiversity loss by eliminating the use of chemicals

**Disclaimer: The environmental impact evaluation is based on the vendor's operational data. Data at the product level is available on demand and subject to order.

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